A project at my college focused at the term Couture. The assignment was build up to explore the techniques used in conventional couture making. How its ”properly” done and how we as students can interpret that.

So the whole goal is to explore how we as designers takel the challenge that couture is. 

The final result, photo by Daniel Stigefelt.

The Circle 

My first thought of Couture is perfection. Its seen as this high craftsmanship in clothing making, which it also is. Perfection. My idea started at the word and the definition of perfection. And is it possible to find something that is close to something perfect. 

The circle and the sphere. It is one of the closest that we can get to perfection. In all its mathematics its all perfect in any angle or measurement. There for a good starting point. 

This is some of my notes and sketches of the circle 

After that I started to work with the circle and how I could include it in the pattern.

This is a subtract fold, its done with shapes and then you cut out and sew then join them and unfold. 

The sketches that came out of the first stage of draping the silhuett.


The end result. 

The end result became this outfit. Its made of merino wool, it is a two piece with a pair of oversized pants and a detachable top. The details is embroider in the neck and at the back of the trouser. 

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16 december, 2018